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October Playlist ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Aren't you lucky, second post of the day! I wanted this get this out before October ended so here we go..I've literally been listening to this playlist everyday, it is just my life at the moment and makes me so pumped when I feel down :)

1. For the First Time in Forever - Frozen
2. Love is an Open Door - Frozen
3. Let it Go - Frozen
4. For the First Time in Forever Reprise - Frozen
5. Let it Go - Demi Lovato (frozen)

6. The Great Thaw - Frozen
7. Epilogue - Frozen
8. Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
9. Break Free - Ariana Grande
10. Shake it Off - Taylor Swift

11. Ugly Heart - G.R.L
12. This is How we Do - Katy Perry
13. Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer
14. All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor
15. Weightless (less is more version) - Natasha Bedingfield

16. Changing - Sigma
17. Harlem - New Politics
18. Top of the World - Greek Fire
19. Baby I - Ariana Grande
20. Make it Right - Sofia the First

21. All you Need - Sofia the First
22. I Belong - Sofia the First
23. Rise and Shine - Sofia the First
24. Perfect Slumber Party - Sofia the First
25. Take on the World - Girl Meets World

26. Defying Gravity - Wicked
27. On Top of The World - Imagine Dragons
28. Alive - Jessie J
29. Life's Too Short (outtake) - Frozen 

You can listen to my playlist on my spotify :) Bye lovelies ♥

October Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry for not posting in a week but my internet has been going crazy so I haven't been able to post. I've also had a quite a low week in my mood so I wasn't up for blogging but I decided to blog today :) Can you believe it's nearly the end of October?! Also this month I'm adding a new favourite as I took out 'beauty' before..so welcome the 'toy' section :) Enough rambling..let's get started!


I'm actually going to do a seperate post on my October Playlist as I've loved so much music this month but my favourites have to be Harlem by New Politics (which was featured on the Frozen trailer last year), Take on the World from Girl Meets World and Top of the World by Greek Fire (which is on the Big Hero 6 trailer). I also love the song on the newest Big Hero 6 trailer by Fall Out Boy called Immortials which is also pretty cool.


I've recently been loving my 3ds especially Style Boutique and Animal Crossing :) I love the autumn feel in Animal Crossing and can't wait for winter! I also found out that Style Boutique runs on kind of real time as it's currently Halloween and October on the game too which I love. I can't wait to play Disney My Magical World though as it looks PERFECT in my opinion. I'm hopefully getting it for Christmas so I will do a full review when I get it :)


I saw The Other Woman for the second time the other day with my family and loved it as much as the first time. It just so funny and girl-powered! I love all the actresses in the movie and it is just a great girl movie :) I would love to take part in a movie like this as it seemed so fun with all the plans ;)


I actually order tons of book recently as I'm going away and need some things to keep me busy but so far these have been my favourites. They are the Frozen Essential Guide and the Encycopedia of Animated Characters. I highly recommend both books especially the encyclopedia as it includes so many characters including the newest characters from Frozen to Disney Fairies. I also ordered some Ever After High books and I can't wait to read those!


This isn't the first time this app has been in my favourites but I do love it. I recently got some Tsum Tsum plushes from America and I love them. I got Donald, Minnie, Marie and Snow White..they are too cute! I will be doing a review on the plushes as I wanna share them with all of you :) I do love the app though and it is very addictive ♥


I've been really enjoying pins this month and have loads coming from America as the pins are super cheap from $ to £ and since I buy loads at once I can get discounts :) I can't wait to do my pinmail for this month and next month as they are gunna be AMAZING! I've been sorting out my pinpics and hopefully made my first pinpics trade yesterday for one of my mini grails..can't wait to show it to you if it all works out :) 


I started watching Bad Education this series and I love it so now I wanna watch every episode! It's so funny and I love Jack Whitehall ♥ I've also been LOVING Once Upon a Time, I really hope Elsa and Anna stay once their story is over as I love them! This series is just so twisted like the rest..the family tree is getting bigger ;)


My favourite toy this month is my first Ever After High doll. She was on sale at my local supermarket and I love her. If you don't watch Ever After High..she is Briar Beauty, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and she is a royal :) I wanna get Apple White, Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen to make them look cute ♥

That's the end of my October favourites. I might post again today if I have time but if I don't post today then it will be tomorrow :') Bye lovelies ♥

Currently I Am...♥ October 2014 ♥

Hey lovelies ♥ I normally do these earlier in the month but I wasn't feeling great to do this so I'm going to do this now :) Oh and decided to take 'calling' out as I don't ever call people ;)

Reading...Disney Princess Essential Guide, I'm just too cool ;)
Watching...Ever After High on Youtube!
Playing...Sims 3, gotta love it :)
Trying...to blog more!
Eating...pancakes like the fatty I am ;)
Drinking...Pepsi, simple.
Cooking...I actually 'baked' cupcakes the other week..
Texting...disney buddies :)
Pinning...I literally haven't use pintrest since I got it, oh well!
Tweeting...about disney ovibously! 
Crafting...gonna scrapbook after this..hopefully..
Doing...my christmas list, you can never be too early, only 67 days!
Going...nowhere at the moment..wanna go to Harrods though so I can go to the Disney Store bit ;)
Loving...Ever After High and Once Upon a Time...seriously fairytale girl for life ♥
Hating...that we still have 1 week till half term :/
Enjoying...getting penpal and pinmail in the post!
Thinking...about what posts I need to do ;)
Feeling...good but strange, haven't been myself to be honest lately :(
Hoping...that my Disney package and pins come before I go away in half term ;)
Listening (to)...so many songs, gunna do a October playlist I think :)
Celebrating...I've nearly done a full term at school!
Thanking...my Mum and Dad for buying me loads of amazing disney and ever after high books..geek for life ♥
Considering...my future...
Starting...to miss Disneyland Paris..I need to go again soon..hey skye if your reading..me and you next June when we finish Yr11, disneyland paris..aha ;)
Finishing...my Frozen card collection ♥ 

Until next time..bye lovelies ♥

Living with Aspergers: Changing Your Destiny and Believing in your Dreams ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm sorry it's been over a week since I last posted but I've been busy and haven't really been in the mood but I'm back! I have at least 3 posts I wanna do stacked up before I have to start thinking so get ready for that :) I also hope you like the little change I've done to the blog, I felt it was getting too busy and crowded so I went for more of a basic theme and used a picture by David Gilson for my banner. I love his art so you should check him out here and here! Anyway I felt it was time for another 'Living with Aspergers' as I want to do one every month and didn't want this month to fly by without one ;) 

Anyway let's stop rambling...This month's topic is Changing your Destiny and Believing in your Dreams. I'm going to use 2 characters to help me this time just like Elsa did last month (she will be coming back) and they are Rapunzel from Tangled and Raven Queen from Ever After High. They both tie into my topic as Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen and her destiny is to be a villain in Apple White's (daughter of Snow White) fairytale but she doesn't want that, she wants to change her destiny. Tangled is about believing in yourself and your dreams so I thought Rapunzel was a good character to use :)

Over the past few weeks I've had plenty of talks about my future since I'm in Year 11 and college is right around the corner. Now as an aspie I've been told and I've read that you're not meant to suceed really. Some do, don't get me wrong but the general look is that aspies find it hard to do things for long periods of time and prefer to be at home doing what they wanna do but I wanna change that! I wanna make a future for myself and change my destiny. Now using the word 'destiny' you might think I talking about fantasy as you don't use that much much but I'm not..you can change your destiny, life or fate..whatever you call it! 
Just like Raven Queen, she is expected to just fall into the villain roll and follow her destiny but she doesn't and she becomes a 'rebel' as she wants to change her destiny. She may suprise and have to persuade people on the way that she's making the right choice but it's worth it. 

I have quite big ambitions to be honest. I want to go to college, then university so I can do the International Disney College program in Florida then be a graphic designer..big right?! Alot of people look at me in a funny way when I tell them as they think your really going to manage college and moving to Florida for a while then a proper job and I just smile. These are my DREAMS, if I work hard they may come true but they aren't guaranteed and I know that but I'll try my best. When I mention wanting to work in Florida for a few months I sometimes don't get the best reaction because as an aspie I find normal life hard but I would do anything to work for Disney. Disney teaches that you have to work for your dreams, they don't just happen..you have to face fears and believe in yourself. 
Just like Rapunzel, she has been trapped in a tower for 18 years and dreams of seeing the floating lights. She has to take the chance when she meets Flynn and she faces her fears of leaving into the big world and it pays off. She has bumps along the way but it works out. 

My personal advice other aspies all over is just believe and know your limits. Have dreams but know you will have to work to make them happen. It's ok to change your destiny and stand out, embrace you and your quirks! Even though my 'disablility' may want to limit things for me, I don't and I will chase my dreams until I reach them. 
I did this today on Photoshop..my first edit and I don't think it's too bad!

It's kind of fun to do the Impossible - Walt Disney

My Favourite Disney Scores ♥

Hey lovelies ♥ I recently watched ThatDisneyLover's video called My Top 15 Disney Scores and you can find it here! It gave me inspiration to do one of my own as I've recently grown to love and appreciate scores. Of course I had to have more than 15 as I can't decide which to include so in total I have over 20! Better get started!

28. Main Title - The Pirate Fairy ♥
I know this is kinda random but I actually love this score at the very beginning and it always makes me feel they have finally brought the series back home to Hook and Peter :)

27. Meg's Garden - Hercules ♥
I find this score quite romantic and relaxing plus I love how it kinda an instrumental of 'I won't say I'm in love' at points.

26. Main Title (Second Star to Right) - Peter Pan ♥
I had to include this as this is my life right here. It is an old score but to me has never dated as it always sounds so magical :)

25. Boo's Going Home - Monsters Inc ♥
I definitely think that Pixar does so well at producing such emotional songs including this one as it always makes me want to cry :'(

24. This Land - The Lion King ♥
I just like the sounds in this score really ;)

 23. Rise and Shine - Monsters University ♥
Another weird one right?! I loved this score since I first saw the movie and the part with this score is actually my favourite part of the movie ;)

22. Married Life - Up ♥
Now even though I don't like watching Up as I cry EVERYTIME..I LOVE so many of the scores in this movie. I think a good score should either give you goosebumps or make you cry and this one does both.

21. Souped Up - Ratatouille ♥
I'm not a massive fan of Ratatouille but I do love this part when Remy is first making the soup in the kitchen to this score :)

20. Summit Siege - Frozen ♥
Oh the first Frozen of many! Frozen is probably my favourite scored film ever and it was super hard to pick my favourites but I do love the intense feeling of this one. I also secretly enjoying pretend to be Elsa in my room protecting myself from the guards..oh spoiler into my life ;)

19. Four Seasons Opening Ceremony - The Pirate Fairy ♥
I bet you didn't expect this to come on here! I really love this score as it reminds me of the beginning of Disney Dreams! when the lights come on and it starts ;) I also love the beginning score of this movie with all the old peter pan scores ♥

18. Monsters Inc. - Monsters Inc ♥
If you don't know this score by name, you would if I told you it is the kind of theme tune..beginning tune. I've loved it for a while actually as I love the beat and tempo :)

17. The Tear Heels - Tangled ♥
This is the score for the end of Tangled when Rapunzel heels Eugene/Flynn and it just sounds like pure magic! I also love how the score changes from dark to magical :) 

16. On the Rooftop/What's a Kiss/Perturbed Pixie - Peter Pan ♥
This is when we first see Peter Pan on the rooftop and he meets Wendy. I just love the beginning when you hear the little whistle-like sound, which is like my favourite thing in the world except his call which actually made me cry when I was watching Dreams! at DLP this May! We were walking out to the bus as it was ending and while I was walking out the park I heard the call and I cried a little ♥

15. Memories Can Weight You Down - Up ♥
I love the up kinda tempo of this one really ;)

14. King of Pride Rock - The Lion King ♥
I absolutely LOVE this score! I love the middle and end of it to be honest. It is one of my favourite bits in the movie, when Simba confronts Scar and Scar calling him a murderer then confesses he killed Mufusa..spoiler ;) Then Simba stands on Pride Rock and it just makes me feel warm ;)

13. Stuff We Did - Up ♥
I actually refuse to listen to this unless I have to like on a show or the actual movie as it makes me cry SO MUCH! I literally heard it for less than 5 minutes when watching a TV show once and I was in floods of tears. It's just perfection in a score ♥

12. Waiting for the Lights - Tangled ♥
Magic in a score..enough said!

11. Elsa & Anna - Frozen ♥
This maybe the cutest score! I love it so much as it just screams fun but then changes so suddenly to dark and intense, it's a stunning piece :)

10. Flying Over Neverland - Peter Pan 2 ♥
My first Peter Pan 2 score. I don't think this movie gets the credit it needs as it's a sequel but the scores are perfection and just give me hope ♥

9. Sorcery - Frozen ♥
This is the most intense piece of music ever! I LOVE it especially secretly acting it out again in my bedroom ;)

8. Happy Ending - The Little Mermaid ♥
I love this piece of music and it gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. I'm sad that they don't sing the reprise of a song at the end of the princess movies anymore because I love it :')

7. Transformation - Beauty and the Beast ♥
This score reminds me alot of the tangled score 'Tears will Heel' as it starts off dark and sad then just gives you that Disney magic! I also love the singing at the end just like they did with The Little Mermaid :)

6. Main Title - The Little Mermaid ♥
I love this score for the same reason as the other Little Mermaid score..it gives me goosebumps everytime!

5. Main Title - Peter Pan 2 ♥
This score means SO much to me as it is actually the music they use at the beginning of Disney Dreams! in DLP so everytime I hear it, I just go back to my happy safe place ♥

4. The Great Thaw (Vuelie reprise) - Frozen ♥
As I said I'm in love with the Frozen scores and this is one of my favourites. I love the magic it brings at the beginning and then the Vuelie reprise is stunning!

3. Flying Home - Peter Pan 2 ♥
I love this piece of music and I just fall in love with it everytime I hear it :)

2. Epilogue - Frozen ♥
Nearly first but not quite ;) This is actually my favourite Frozen score as it just feels like Disney magic to me and the sounds are just perfection ♥

1. Reunion - Peter 2 ♥
I bet you didn't think a sequel would be top of my list! This score is PERFECTION ♥ It makes me feel that old Disney magic and I cry everytime as it means so much to me. I love every bit of it especially the end when Peter goes home :'( This score is just stunning and I recommend you listen to it!

That's it for my Favourite Disney Scores! I hope you enjoyed and that you were surprised at points ;) I probably missed some out but these were the ones I thought of and could find on Spotify :)
I actually made a Spotify playlist and Youtube playlist for you to listen to if you want!

Spotify - https://play.spotify.com/user/lilpinkrockstar/playlist/3Ail76muhJnoPWrsa3ygDl

Youtube - coming soon!