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Christmas Toy Guide 2015

Hey Guys! I had nothing much to do today as I thought why not try blogging?! So here I am. I decided to do a Christmas Toy Guide since Christmas is nearly here! I picked some of my top toy picks for this year for anyone of any age since I love toys and I'm 16 so it's not just for younger kids at all!! 

The Star Darlings are one of Disney's newest projects. The Star Darlings are a group of girls, who attend Starlight Academy and have been chosen to go on a journey to Earth to grant 12 special wishes in order to save their world of Starland from an evil force. All the girls are super unique and all have different designs and personalities, plus they are all super colourful! You can get Star Darling books and the newly released dolls exclusive at Justice and Disney Store.com, sadly they haven't made there way to the UK yet :( They all come with a stand and light up base too!

The Good Dinosaur is Disney latest movie and with that comes a lot of merch from plushies to playsets! I feel that the Good Dinosaur toys would provide fun to anyone of any age or gender. Join Arlo and Spot on their adventures and you can play and make your own adventures at home :) You can find toys for this movie in most toy selling stores from cheaper general toys to more expensive deluxe Disney Store toys.

Over the past 3 years, there have been 3 generations of Disney Infinity with 3.0 being the newest. I still feel that with every game the experience gets better combining characters and worlds we love. Disney Infinity is a great game for Christmas as they are tons of characters and playsets to choose from and you also get a pretty cool figure out of the characters too for display. You can find Disney Infinity at most supermarkets with a gaming section and any game stores, also online :)

Since the newest addition to the Equestria Girls movies, The Friendship Games just came out there are plenty of awesome dolls and toys to find from motorcross bikes to sporty deluxe dolls. You can collect dolls in their casual school spirit outfits or when they are look totally cool in their super sporty style outfits. There are also dolls from both the Wondercolts and Shadowbolts to collect. You can even have your dolls ride on the awesome new motorcross bike with detachable gold wings that you can also put on your equestria girl! But if you really wanna step it up and make your own Canterlot High adventure then you can with the Canterlot High playset complete with lockers, codes for the free app and an exclusive DJ PON3 doll with working DJ decks! You can find all of these at any toy shop or online :)

 Bratz made an epic return this year with a whole new look and they would be a super cool present. Bratz work with all ages as you could introduce a younger child to them or even older ones can get nostalgic (like me) and want to buy their favourites! There are so many ranges already and even the bigger playsets like the Snowlodge to choose from. Each girl has their own style and look in each of the different ranges and rocks in throughout. There's even the new girl Raya, who loves bright colours! You can find Bratz in most toy shops and online :)

I honestly don't know much about Star Wars but I do know that there is a new movie coming out real soon so that means killer toys! I feel my personal favourite is a lightsaber as they are SO COOL but the Millennium Falcon is a close second. Build a Bear have also got tons of awesome bears and outfits to make the perfect Star Wars bear, which I think it pretty cool.
 You can find these in most toy shops and online :)

 Are you like me and always wanted the Animator Doll set but didn't have enough space since they are so huge..then worry no more..here are the Mini Animator Dolls! I'm so glad Disney finally made smaller versions as they Animator dolls are one of my favourite Disney collections but I could never fit over 15 huge dolls in my room so these are perfect. You can get the dolls individually in cute little carry cases with little accessories or you can buy all of them in one huge box, without the accessories. I got the Anna & Elsa for my birthday in March and I loved them. I didn't play with the accessories much and I hated how most of them didn't actually stand up so I couldn't display them so for Christmas I'm getting the big boxset as I'd love them all but without the little pieces added! It all depends what you want but the choice is there. These are of course Disney exclusive, you may be able to find these at the Disney Parks but I know Disney Stores sell them :)

 Lego is great universal present that can make alot of people happy. Up until this year I didn't like Lego, it made me angry and annoyed but then I found Lego Friends and fell in love since the bricks weren't grey and black, they were purple, pink and blue and super fun to put together. I now must have over 20 sets and I love it, my latest set I bought yesterday, which was the hot air balloon set :) I also recently got the Frozen castle and can really recommend it, it's super cool! You can also get Marvel, DC, Lego Movie, Star Wars to name a few to entertain who ever you need too! You can find Lego in pretty much any toy store and of course the LEGO store :)

Barbie have always been huge and now they have expanded to a bigger range with their newest Barbie Fashionistas. Including in the line is a Barbie with half a shaved head, which is TOTALLY new to the Barbie range. I feel the fashion is alot better in the dolls instead of the dated pink things that we sometimes see, I love the difference in all the dolls and the awesome molds. 
You can find these in your local toy shops and supermarkets with toy sections normally and of course online! 

Ever After High and Monster High are still super popular and have tons of new dolls coming out all the time so they are the perfect presents! With great ranges of characters and designs to lots of fancy and detailed playsets, they truly are a collectors piece too. Monster High has recently released Boo York, the Frightfully Tall Ghouls and the newly released Great Scarrier Reef. Ever After High has also recently released Way to Wonderland, new signature dolls, Gigantic Maddie Hatter and the Dragon Games. Be sure to pick these up now in time for Christmas as they are sure to be gone! 
You can find them at most toy shops and online :)

And that's my Christmas picks for this year! I know alot are dolls but that's what I know most about ;) Hope I can help some of you and of course feel free to comment your Christmas present ideas! 
Bye Guys :)

Pretty Little Liars Tag

Hey Guys! So my blog roll kinda ended but I felt ready to blog again today so here we are! I've been feeling really down lately but I'm on new medication and I'm feeling much more positive and better in my head :) I really wanted to do my MCM Comic Con Haul today but I didn't have the pictures ready so I thought that this would do. I only recently got into Pretty Little Liars, at the beginning of the year, thanks to Netflix! I've now seen all the episodes and it is really good, so I looked for a tag since my last TV show tag for Once Upon a Time did really well :)
1 – Who is your favourite liar?  
I love all the girls but my favourite has to be Hanna. She just makes me laugh with her funny comments to alot of the tense situations. She also reminds me of myself in that she generally does/says things with thinking properly first, which can sometime backfire. 

 2 – Who is your favourite couple?
I actually love two of the couples. The first is 'Spoby', which is Spencer and Toby, because they have been through some much for Toby's beginning, his family, being on the A Team and Spencer's addictions, crazy life and her family, they have pulled through even through the tough times and are such a cute couple! My other favourite is 'Haleb', which is Hanna and Caleb. I think I love their relationship so much because they test each other so much and push each others buttons but inside they truly love each other and wanna protect each other. 

3 –  If you could have anyone’s wardrobe, whose would it be?
I'd LOVE some of Hanna's wardrobe! I love the elegant, classy look she had in the beginning to the edgy rocker clothes she wears. I also love alot of Aria's clothes but I don't think they would suit me much! 


4 – What is your favourite episode?
Wow I have quite a few favourite episodes..so here we go! My first has to be 1x01 (Pilot) as it's the first episode and it got me so hooked. You meet all the girls and the mystery starts.

2x12 (Over My Dead Body) I loved how each the girls had a task to do so that they could save Dr Sullivan. Emily sees Ali in a dream state and they end up being caught by the cops again. 

2x13 (The First Secret) This is probably one of my top favourites as I loved it! I love how it went back in time and we see Ali experiencing 'A' for the first time and it's super creepy. 

2x24 (If These Dolls Could Talk) This one was alot like episode 12 that I loved as they each had a task to do and it got really creepy in the doll shop..
3x12 (The Lady Killer) I wasn't a massive fan of the Maya storyline but this episode was explosive and creepy...I hated Nate!
3x13 (This Is a Dark Ride) I wasn't expecting too much from this episode and it was all set on a Halloween train with the girls but hell it was one CRAZY train ride!
4x12 (Now You See Me, Now You Don't) I felt so sad when Hanna's mum was arrested and I thought this episode was slow but creepy and the big Ezra reveal at the end was crazy!!
4x13 (Grave New World) This was another action packed episode, I found Ravenswood way to creepy and I hate gas masks and there was a person walking around creepy everyone out! And then Ali appears!! WHAT!?

5x24 (I'm a Good Girl, I Am) This episode was actually kinda emotional as you really saw a different side to Ali, she is actually scared.

I didn't include any of the premieres or finales as they are all on my list as they are generally my favourites from every season. I think my favourites are The First Secret, Welcome to the Dollhouse and Game on Charles. 

5 – Who is your favourite PLL parent?
Ella, Aria's Mum, I feel she is a great character and I liked her wedding storyline and I just feel she needs more storylines and screentime. I also loved the Mum's scene in Season 6, when they all got together! 

6 – What is your favourite message received from A?
Again I have a few...

‘I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything -A’ (pilot)
It's not over until I say it is. Sleep tight while you still can Bitches. -A  (for whom the bells tolls)

Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on, bitches. –A. (it happened that night)

The truth won't set you free, bitches. I'm going to bury you with it. Kisses -A (a is for a-l-i-v-e)

Bitch can't see you, but I do. Tonight's the night I kill you. -A (a is answers)


You're my doll, bitch! -A - (don't look now)

7 – What has been the biggest shocking moment for you? 

Since I was so late to watch the show I already knew that Mona was the first A and thanks to a spoiler on facebook I knew Cece was A too, which kinda ruined some of the tension from the episodes but the biggest shock for me was probably Ezra's secret book project. I had NO idea about that and I just thought 'OMG What the Hell?!'. 

8 - Were you happy with the A reveal in the finale?

As I said above, I already knew who A was and I felt they took it is a interesting direction. I felt Cece was odd for the moment we met her and she was my guess along with Wren..he was just creepy! I would never have guessed the story that Cece had and I think it was different and they could alot with it if they decide to. I'm glad that the A storyline is over now though as Season 6 about the same thing sometimes dragged abit. 

Before I finished my favourite scene in the whole show has to be Hanna's dance routine, if you have not seen you need to..it's literally me! 

That's my tag done :) I hope to do my MCM haul super soon, fingers crossed!! 

Until  next time, bye guys :)