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Top 10 Favourite Disney Pins

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! Late last year I got into a new school but couldn't go for months due to anxiety. I've become determined to try and make it work so I've been in since Wednesday and it has just tired me out. I will be back to blogging regularly! 
Anyway today I'm sharing my Top 10 Favourite Disney Pins from my main board. It was so hard to pick as I have over 400 pins at the moment & I love them all but these 10 are my favourites.
 I'm not doing this in any particular order either.

First up is a pin from the Designer Fairytale Heroes & Villains Collection. I wish I could own all the Designer Disney pins but most of them cost a fortune! Luckily I knew a guy selling some of his Peter Pan pins & sold me this for just £10!! This is one of my most prized and treasured pins in my collection, aswell as one of my favourites as it features two of my favourite characters from my favourite movie. 

One of my main collections is Disney Dreams, the firework show at Disneyland Paris. This collection is my favourite collection out of all my pins as they are all so different & unique, celebrating a fantastic firework display that I love. In the collection there are some Open Edition pins & Limited Edition. One of my hardest to get is this Limited Edition Tangled pin normally going for £80 and over but I got it in a sale for £40, which I'm so happy about as I never thought I'd be able to complete my collection as this pin was always too expensive!

As soon as I saw this pin I knew I need it in my collection as I love any Disney quote pins or any relating to Walt. This pin includes the famous quote 'It was all started with a mouse'. It is a locket pin & opens to reveal some pictures of Walt Disney, which I love so much! I love that it's shaped as Mickey's head & the colour is just perfect. 

Another Peter Pan one now. I got this from the same guy that I got my Designer one from for only £5, which I was hyped about as it's just so pretty!! It's based from the Disney ride 'Peter Pan's Flight' & spins around to reveal the Darling children & Peter Pan flying over Big Ben. I love the glitter on this pin and how old it looks compared to the newer modern pins. 

I was surprised that there was only one Frozen pin in my Top 10 as when I started pin-trading Frozen was at the top of it's hype. I collected so many Frozen pins, but recently sold & traded some that I wasn't too keen on. This is one I could never trade as I never thought I'd own it when it came out. I love the size of this Frozen Jumbo pin from Disney Soda Fountain. It includes all the main characters from the movie with a stain glass snowflake in the background. The detail of the characters on this pin is amazing.

This is another pin I never thought I'd own but I'm so happy to have it as it's so beautiful. Rapunzel & Flynn are one of my favourite Disney couples and I love pins with them both on. This is actually an envelope that opens to reveal Flynn & Rapunzel together. I love the purple glitter and sun symbol to represent Rapunzel, it's just the detail on these Disney Soda Fountain pins that stuns me. 

I saw this pin when I went to Disneyland Paris this summer and could not stop thinking about it, so I had to have it! I love that it's a badge style pin and it looks exactly like the Ellie Badge from the movie. Again with the detail on this pin, it just blows me away. 

As I've said some of my favourite pins to collect are Walt Disney pins. Walt Disney is my inspiration and these pins just feel more special & sentimental that the others. As you can see from the picture, this pin is Walt walking through Disneyland. It's not the most extravagant pin but it's purely special & meaningful.

Another collection I have is the Once Upon a Time Mystery Box Set from Disneyland & Walt Disney World. I love that they are a big chunky pin & include a name tag, which can be turned into a stand! I got this Seven Dwarfs pin a while back & I love it as it has all 7 on, which is hard to find. They all unique & express themselves but are all together.

The last pin I'm sharing today is such a special pin to me as my amazing best friend Mckenna bought me this all the way from California! It was the first in a set of diamonds for Disneyland's 60th Celebrations. This is actually the hardest to get out of the set as it was before the craze of Disneyland 60th pins started. I'm very lucky to have it in my collection. The glittery diamond folds out to reveal a picture of Walt Disney working on Disneyland, which is just so amazing! 

That's my Top 10 pins in my collection but I wanna know..
Do you collect pins?
What's your favourite ones?


Steph said...

I went to Disney World once, back in 2008.
I remember holding a door open for someone, then a stranger came back and handed me a Tinkerbell pin. I was so happy. It was like a Disney token of kindness. I carried it with me for the rest of the trip. I'm not quite sure where it is now, though.

How many times have you been to Disney World?


ThePerksofBeingMe-x said...

Aw that sounds awesome, a little bit of pixie dust! I've never been to Disneyworld, only Disneyland Paris 3 times!